National Parks Of Balochistan

There are three national parks in Balochistan Chiltan-Hazarganji National Park, Hingol National Park, Ziarat National Park

Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park covers an area of about 619, 043 ha located in Lasbella, Awaran and Gwadar districts. It was declared as a National Park in 1997. With a variety of ecosystems such as sea shores, hilly areas, desert, sand dunes, rivers, croplands, water bodies and the mountainous ranges. There are two mud volcanos also present in Haro range including Chandragup mud volcano and Khandewari mud volcano.

Chiltan-Hazarganji National Park

It is located about 20 km southwest of Quetta. The habitat consists of Chiltan range of hills, with the highest peak at 3264 m, falling steeply to stony screes at the eastern end of the park at 2000 m. Dotted with juniper at higher elevations, and at their foot with scattered Pistachio and Mountain Ash (Fraxinus xanthoxyloides), Artemisia and dramatic yellow globes of Ferula oopoda.

Ziarat National Park

Ziarat National Park is located 96 km west of Quetta. This is a high altitude valley, situated about 2400 m, with the highest nearby peak Mount Kaliphat at 3945 m. A climax habitat, which comprises of open-canopy tall juniper forest with flowering Tulips, Foxtail Lilies and purple tussocks of Onobrychis sp in summer. There is some deciduous fruit cultivation in the valley.

Game Reserves

S. NoNameDistrictAreaYear
1GogiHarnai10364 Hector1962
2WamHarnai3887 Hector1962
3KambranChagai/Dalbandin211433 Hector1983
4Duzdara andKoh-e-SurkoMastung2351 Hector1999
5DurejiLasbella178259 Hector1998
6Zawar KhanPishin2619 Acre1963

Wildlife Sanctuaries

S. NoNameDistrictAreaYear
1ZiaratZiarat37247 Hector1971
2Sasana ManaZiarat6607 Hector1971
3ChoraniKhuzdar19433 Hector1972
4ShashanKhuzdar29555 Hector1972
5KachauKhuzdar21660 Hector1972
6Kolwa KapAwaran33198 Hector1972
7Ras KohKharan99498 Hector1972
8Raghai RakshanKharan125425 Hector1972
9Buzi MakholaGwadar145101 Hector1972
10KhurkharaLasbella18345 Hector1972
11MaslakhQila Abdullah46559 Hector1968
12Koh-e-GishkKalat24356 Hector1983
13GutChagai165992 Hector1983
14Bund Khushdil Pishin KhanPishin1296 Hector1983