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The beauty and peacefulness of mountainous landscapes are nourishment for the spirit of every traveler. The province is a region of enigmas, with numerous hidden oases. So, on your next vacation out of town, have a look at the sites to visit in Balochistan. Almost every tourist attraction in Balochistan has heavenly vistas. This allows you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary atmosphere while being surrounded by magnificent natural beauty.

Traveling Spots


Moola Chotok


Durug Valley


WaterFalls at Peer (Ghaib,Ibrahim)


Sulaiman Mountain Range

Hiking Trails

Kojja Rarkan

near Basti Mehr Gul
Distance: 6.43mi Elevation: 866ft

Sonmiani Range to Beach

near Windar Camp
Distance: 6.44mi Elevation: 59ft

Mountain Bike Trails

Karkana To Musa Khel

near Uchri ka Bahan
Distance: 29.73mi Elevation: 3048ft

Digerians traveling to Fort Munro from Khosa Lake

near Khusa Kurram
Distance: 38.05mi Elevation: 1283ft

Walking And Running Trails

Airport Land

near Kili Amānullah
Distance: 0.88mi Elevation: 3ft

Gwadar Koh e Batail

near Tahsil
Distance: 2.66mi Elevation: 154ft