Chakar Fort

The Sibi Fort also known as Chakar Fort is situated in Sibi city of Balochistan Province, Pakistan. The Sibi (Siwi) was popular place of the Chachnama that the King Chach defeated Sewas, pushing them out of this place captured Sibi Fort.

The Hindu rulers Sewas had kept this for some time but lost to king Chach in 550 A.D. The Brahman rule continued here till the early part of eighth century A.D. When the young Arab general [Muhammad bin Qasim] conquered the whole of these areas, In the 11th century Sibi was included in Ghaznavid Empire. The Muslims rule remained it included in the Suba Multan under Nasir ul din Kabacha (1210-1228 A.D.) According to the Book “Ain-e-Akbari” the Sibi Fort was in control by Jam Nizamuddin of Sindh as a Province in 1488 A.D. At the end of 15th century Sibi Fort was ruled by Sultan Pur-Dil Barlas whose forces were thrown out of the Fort by the forces of Shah Beg Arghun of Arghun dynasty.In 1543 A.D. Sibi Fort was visited by the fugitive Mughal king Humayun along with his infant son Akbar, the future Great Mughal and the emperor of India. The father and the son found the Arghuns in possession of the Fort. Mulla Mehumd Jiskani the Author of Tazkir-ul-Bar assigns 15th century A.D. for the occupation of Sibi by the Pannis. According to the Akbar Namah of Abul Fazal and Akbar Nama of Faizi Sarhindi by 1575 A.D. Panni (Pashtun tribe) were already in control of Sibi Fort. They must have been present in the general area of Sibi much before. The Government records of Sibi District Government shows that Dehpal a panni Tribe lived in Sibi Fort they still possess the land adjacent to the Fort, the villages Dehpal Kalan and Dehpal Khurd of Dehpal tribe is situated near the Fort. They lived and built the rooms inside the Sibi Fort ruins.