Bhag Nari

This mausoleum is a great masterpiece of modern architecture and is located on the south side of Government Boys High School Bhag and is crying out for the attention of the rulers. It is in a very dilapidated condition. This gazetteer was written by him in 1906 and published by the British rulers from London in 1907.

Mian Ghulam Mohammad was the spiritual guide of King Zaman Shah of Kabul. Mian Ghulam Mohammad was actually a resident of Rohri Sindh and King Zaman Shah of Kabul was his special disciple. It seemed bad that a king should be a follower of a common God and so obedient. Zaman Shah Mian kept Ghulam Muhammad with him and consulted him about everything. Conspiracies against him. At last Mian Ghulam Muhammad lost his confidence in Badshah due to the conspiracies of the minister. He fled from Kabul one night and fled and started living with one of his special disciples Hafiz Abdul Rahim Zargar. The king sent some of his cavalry to flee, and the cavalry fled and killed Mian Ghulam Muhammad Shah and his handmaiden disciple Hafiz Abdul Rahim Zargar, saying that these two There are sorcerers and they are spreading sedition in the country, so follow the orders of King Zaman Shah of Kabul. On hearing this, the disciples of Mian who were on the run got into a commotion and they also killed the riders. The disciples of Mian buried Mian Ghulam Muhammad and Hafiz Abdul Rahim Zargar here and then He built a mausoleum which was a magnificent tomb of architecture.
Khan Mir Mehrab Khan I of Kalat had two wives, one was Mir Mehmood Khan Mir Rahim Khan and the other was Mir Ghulam Mustafa Khan. He was obsessed with becoming a Khan. He wanted to get his brothers out of the way under the plan of treason and under this plan Mir Ghulam Mustafa Khan was killed by his brother Mir Rahim Khan. When Mir Mehmood Khan came on a visit to Kachhi, he sent his brother Mir Rahim Khan with an army after him and one day at the place of Kotro which is near Jhal Magsi, Mir Rahim Khan took the opportunity to inform Mir Ghulam Mustafa Khan. Mir Ghulam Mustafa Khan’s supporters also martyred Mir Rahim Khan. This incident took place in 1839. Mir Ghulam Mustafa Khan’s sister Bibi Zainab He was taken from Kokotro and fled and was buried on the north side of my gate at that time in the city of Bhaag. 

Photos and information is proved by Rafiq Mugheri