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SEAS Pakistan is committed to preservation of physical heritage, and long term care of collections. It is nucleus, which takes care to promote co-operation among the practitioners in the diverse fields, such as building material, environmental studies, deterioration, conservation techniques, salvage practices, forensic methods in architecture and archaeology etc.

Sites That Are Protected By Government Of Pakistan

This list was issued by Directorate Of Archaeology & Musums, Balochistan Quetta

S.NoName of archaeological Site/Building/FortsLocationDistrictReason of Enlistment as Heritage
1MehrgarhVillage Kot Kai , Tehsil DhadaKachhiArchaelogogical Value
2Pirak MoundVillage KolachiSibiArchaelogogical Value
3Nausharo MoundVillage Nausharo Tehsil DhadarKachhiArchaelogogical Value
4Nino DambVillage Kudk Teshsil WadhKhuzdarArchaelogogical Value
5Har-o-GokeKharanKharanArchaelogogical Value
6Fort Wall of Jhalawar PassJhalawar PassKharanArchaelogogical Value
7Fort of Azad Khan (Kharan Fort)Azad Khan FortKharanHistorical / Archaelogogical Value
8Nauroze FortNauroz FortKharanArchitectural Value
9Pali KalatPaliKharanHistorical Value
10Ancestral Graveyard of Jam of LasbelaBelaLasbellaArchitectural Value
11Tomb of Ibn-eHaroonBela TownLasbellaArchitectural Value
12Greek (Rommis) GravesBhawani main RCD Road GhadaniLasbellaReligious / Architectural Value
13Tomb of HinidanDurgi HubLasbellaReligious / Architectural Value
14Dabat-Kot MoundDabar KotLoralaiArchaelogogical Value
15Sur JungleSur JungleLoralaiArchaelogogical Value
16Tor Deheri SiteTor Dheri VillageLoralaiArchaelogogical Value
17Juder Jo DaroJhat PatNaseerabadArchaelogogical Value
18Ahmad Khan Zai Mound No.5Killi Ahmed KhanQuettaArchaelogogical Value
19Damb Sadat Mound No.3Damb SadatQuettaArchaelogogical Value
20Kuchlak Site Mound No.7Kuchlack Main BazarQuettaArchaelogogical Value
21Kechi Baig Mound No.4Kechi BaigQuettaArchaelogogical Value
22Shahi Khan Near Pir Ballo Mound No.6Pir Balli SariyabQuettaArchaelogogical Value
23Village Mehter Zai Mound No.9Mehter Zai, BaliQuettaArchaelogogical Value
24Killi Gul Mohammad Mound No.1Killi Gul MohammadQuettaArchaelogogical Value
25Village Nauhisar Mound No.11Village NauhisarQuettaArchaelogogical Value
26Village Samali Mound No.8Village SamaliQuettaArchaelogogical Value
27Samungli West Side Airport Mound No.2West Side Of AirportQuettaArchaelogogical Value
28Village Shaikh Manda Mound No.10Village Sheikh MandaQuettaArchaelogogical Value
29Chakar QillaSibi TownSibiArchaelogogical Value
30Quaid-e-Azam RsidencyZiaratZiaratArchaelogogical Value
31MiriKalat (Kech)Village MiriKech TurbatArchaelogogical Value
32Shahi TumpVillage Shahi TumpKech TurbatArchaelogogical Value
33Hoshab Damb-1Village HoshabKech TurbatArchaelogogical Value
34Hoshab Damb-2Village HoshabKech TurbatArchaelogogical Value
35Dambi KarezVillage HoshabKech TurbatArchaelogogical Value
36Sami FortVillage SamiKech TurbatArchaelogogical Value
37Karki FortVillage KarkiKech TurbatArchaelogogical Value
38TumpakKurumb Kaur ManKechArchaelogogical Value
39Kalatuk BundKalatukKechArchaelogogical Value
40Tump QalatTumpKechArchaelogogical Value
41Phulabad QalatPhulabad TumpKechArchaelogogical Value
42Nazarab QalatNazarabadKechArchaelogogical Value
43ChubukNasirabadKechArchaelogogical Value
44Abdul DambKarpasiKechArchaelogogical Value
45Sutkagen-DorSuntsarGwadarArchaelogogical Value
46SotkakohPasniGwadarArchaelogogical Value
47Prahag A,B,C,DPasniGwadarArchaelogogical Value
48Damb South of PasniPasniGwadarArchaelogogical Value
49Damb West of PasniPasniGwadarArchaelogogical Value
50Pidarak OasisPidarakKechArchaelogogical Value
51Zamuran MoundBuledaKechArchaelogogical Value
52Sharak PogunshShahrakKechArchaelogogical Value
53Kulli DambKolwaKechArchaelogogical Value
54Madagy KalatDandarKechArchaelogogical Value
55Awaran FortAwaranAwaranHistorical Value
56Siah DambJhauAwaranArchaelogogical Value
57Karpas ButhiBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
58BubandBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
59Niai ButhiBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
60Murda SangMurda SangLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
61Bakkar ButhiBakkarLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
62Balakot DambBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
63Alam ShahrBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
64Gaji BhutBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
65Kinneru DambBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
66Channal Kund DambBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
67Phusi DambBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
68Belar DambBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
69Sumer DambBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
70Marki MasBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
71Sohr DambNalKhuzdarArchaelogogical Value
72Lehri DambNalKhuzdarArchaelogogical Value
73Londo DambBhagbanaKhuzdarArchaelogogical Value
74Reko CaveKhuzdarKhuzdarArchaelogogical Value
75Mai PeerBelaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
76Anjira DambSurabSikandarabadArchaelogogical Value
77Sia DambSurabSikandarabadArchaelogogical Value
78Isplinji Mound No.1 and No.2KalatKalatArchaelogogical Value
79KardagapMastungMastungArchaelogogical Value
80Tor GhundaiMastungMastungArchaelogogical Value
81Sra KalaPishinKilla AbdullahArchaelogogical Value
82Sahib Khan DambPishinKilla AbdullahArchaelogogical Value
83Mata GhundaiKilla AbdullahKilla AbdullahArchaelogogical Value
84Kuchnai GhundaiKilla AbdullahKilla AbdullahArchaelogogical Value
85KarezgaiZhobZhobArchaelogogical Value
86Rana GhindaiLoralaiLoralaiArchaelogogical Value
87Duki MoundDukiDukiArchaelogogical Value
88Periano GhundaiZhobZhobArchaelogogical Value
89Moghul GhundaiZhobZhobArchaelogogical Value
90KaudaniZhobZhobArchaelogogical Value
91Urske ZhariaZhobZhobArchaelogogical Value
92Fort SandemanZhobZhobArchaelogogical Value
93Mughal – KalLoralaiLoralaiArchaelogogical Value
94Jungla PopulzaiChamanKilla AbdullahArchaelogogical Value
95Miri KalatKalatKalatArchaelogogical Value
96Miri KalatQuettaQuettaArchaelogogical Value
97Malazai KalatMalazai KuchlakKalatArchaelogogical Value
98Syed MorazKhaliqabadKalatArchaelogogical Value
99Pingo DambDashtMastungArchaelogogical Value
100Nushki DambNushkiNushkiArchaelogogical Value
101Archaeological Zone Buzi TopLasbellaLasbellaArchaelogogical Value
S.NoName of archaeological Site/Building/FortsLocationDistrict
1Bangi Ismail’s tomb (1468)GwadarGwadar
2Jiwani graves c1400 ADJiwaniGwadar
3Pasni graves c1400 ADPasniGwadar
4Sohbatpur Mosque (1940)JaffarabadJaffarabad
5Shahli Tomb (Shrine)Usta Muhammad, 2 Kilometer from Faizabad Usta Muhammad RoadJaffarabad
6Gadahi Tomb (Shrine)Usta Muhammad, 3 Kilometer from Faizabad-Usta Muhammad RoadJaffarabad
7Suhryani Tomb (Shrine)Usta Muhammad, 5 Kilometer from Faizabad-Usta Muhammad RoadJhal Magsi
8Lakho PirNear Bareja, 3 Kilometer from Khuzdar-Shahdadkot HighwayKech
9Kalatuk (Fort) c 1700 ADKechKech
10Nikoderian Tombsin Mashkel, Nag and PanjgurKharan & Panjgur
11Shah Bilawal’s ShrineKhuzdarKhuzdar
12Lahut-i-Lamakan (cave)KhuzdarKhuzdar
13Khawaja Amran ShrineNear GulistanKilla Abdullah
14Spin Ghundi MoundClose to Habibzai Village at the foot of an offshoot of the Khawaja Amran RangeKilla Abdullah
15Khojak Tunnelnear Pak-Afghan border at ChammanKilla Abdullah
16Gondrani (or Gundriani)LasbellaLasbella
17Jamia Mosque c1838LasbellaLasbella
18Kumb ShrineLasbellaLasbella
19Shireen and Farhad (shrine)LasbellaLasbella
20Sassi and Punnu (shrine)Mouza Mumbar, Tehsil SonmianiLasbella
21Pir Fida Hussain’s shrineLasbellaLasbella
22Pir Moosiani’s shrineLasbellaLasbella
23Mai Gondrani’s shrineLasbellaLasbella
24Shahi Jamia MosqueLasbellaLasbella
25Sir Robert Sandeman’s tombLasbellaLasbella
26Karia Pir’s shrineLasbellaLasbella
27Sassi’s springLasbellaLasbella
28Hinglaj Mata (Rani ki Mandir)HinglajLasbella
29Chinjan68 km southwest of LoralaiLoralai
30Daber Kot18km northeast of Duki TownLoralai
31Fort near Isplinjithe fort is located 55 kilometres from Quetta.Isplinji
32Rana GhundaiLoralaiLoralai
33Surjangal8km northeast of Sinjawi Town, Baghave Valley on road to DukiLoralai
34Torghar – caves and rock shelters with paintingsSulaiman RangeMusakhel
35Zuncari Village – rock sheltersSulaiman RangeMusakhel
36Sara Qila (Sara Fort)PishinPishin
37Babar/Khosti – 10 rock sheltersSulaiman RangeZhob
38BadanzaiBronze AgeZhob
39Dhana Abdullahzai – 1 rock shelter – 1st time with wild boarSulaiman RangeZhob
40Hazrat Nazar Nika’s Shrine6 km from ZhobZhob
41Hazrat Khostu Baba’s shrine100 km from Zhob towards WaziristanZhob
42Ismail zaiZhobZhob
43Lakaha Band – 4 rock sheltersSulaiman RangeZhob
44Leaoha Ghozai – 5 caves and 6 rock sheltersSulaiman RangeZhob
45Mughal GhundaiZhobZhob
47Palwan Baba’s shrineMughalkot areaZhob
48Paryan-o-Ghundi (or Periano Ghundai) (destroyed)2 miles west of ZhobZhob
49Qais Rashid’s tombtop of Suleman MountainZhob
50Zakoo Nika’s shrineZhobZhob
51Sasol Valley25 km to the east of khuzdar cityKhuzdar
52Mound of Turundain (Tootak)32 km in the north of KhuzdarKhuzdar
53Chimri Bhuttnear the banks of Khattan RiverKachhi
54Meeri Bhutt & the Tomb of Rabia Khuzdarisouth of Khuzdar CityKhuzdar
55Sonijeenear western bank of Koshk RiverKech
56Mound of Oar Nach150 km south of KhuzdarKhuzdar
57Moola PassRoute between Khuzdar, Kachhi and Gandawah PlainsKhuzdar, Kachhi and Jhal Magsi
58Damb-e-Jhakkra (Mound of Jhakkra)KhuzdarKhuzdar
59Mishri BhuttKhirzan (head quarter of Moola Tehsil)Khuzdar
60Aali DodaNear Pani Wand BaintKhuzdar
61Atachi Baint also called Chimni BhuttKhuzdarKhuzdar
62Patthan BaintKhuzdarKhuzdar
63The Kafri kasar or the path of Idol worshipperThis track is near the
mountains of Jhal Magsi in the eastern most
Balochistan.Jhal Magsi
64Shahu Qalandar Tomb3.8 Km east of Panjgur AirportPanjgur
65Multiple SitesBhag NariBhag Nari
66Castle of Nawab Kharan( Nawab Habibullah KhanPanjgurPanjgur
67Mohammad Bin Qasim army tombsNear Aghor River in Hinghol National ParkLasbella
S.NoLocalityNumber Of GumbadsDescription
1Washuk5One of the Gumbads is known as Bibi-e-Gumbad, but is attributed by local authorities to Malik Baharm Shahi; another is known as Chandiani-i-Gumbad
2Hurmagai9These are in Gwachig; the best known being the Malik Nausherwani Gumbad. Another is known as Gumbad-i-Shahri
3Hurmagai2These are in Regi
4Hurmagai4Known as Nurudin-i-Gumbad
5Hurmagai5Known as Shahi Otmani Gumbad
6Hurmagai1Known as Talonki Gumbad
7Jalwar2Near Mangehi Chah
8Jalwar1In the Jalwar Pass
9Gawash3One of these is at Hetak, another at Sawaren and the third near Malik Shahi Chah but all are in ruins
10Kallag10Near Eri-Kallag
11Kallag1Situdated at padun Kallag and known by the name of Gumbad-i-Ganji-Malik
12Shimsban and Salam Bek1Known as Gumbad-i-Hala
13Shimsban and Salam Bek2Known as Kalaghani-Kalat-e-Kabristan-e-Gumbad
14Shimsban and Salam Bek1Known as Gumbad-i-Tuho
15Shimsban and Salam Bek1Known as Gumbad-i-Shahi Shadi
16Shimsban and Salam Bek2Known as Gumbad-i-Bibi Basso
17Shimsban and Salam Bek1Known as Gumbad-i-Saiad Amir
18Sarawan2Known as Gumbad-i-Malik Shaho and Situated near Naurozabad
19Sarawan2Have no particular name
20Sarawan2Near Rek-i-Farangi and called Gumbad-i-Imam Hasan and Husain
21Karan1Syed Mehmood
We dont any of the images above, these images are taken from wikipedia, FaceBook, Twitter, Getty and Archaeology of Ancient Balochistan by Ute Franke-Vogt